Who We are?

We know how much determination

and hard work it takes from the Founder and his team, as well as trials and mistakes to achieve success. We also know the importance of capital to the growth of a start-up. However, we see it only as the first level of the support that Founders require. Managerial experience, talent recruitment, marketing, training, and proven operability are only part of what we as a VC Fund can offer to young companies at an early development stage. Because ...

We are Level 2

Management Team

Magdalena Pawłowska Partner

Experienced manager, marketing and communications strategist

Graduate of Economy and Business Psychology, linked for over 15 years with marketing in the ICT, automation and industry businesses. She has collected experience in SMEs, as well as international corporations. In the past, she has associated with the 3S Group, the Blumenbecker Group and the FAMUR Group, where for the last 4 years she has managed the entirety of communications operations across 40 international markets, as well as carrying out a breadth of projects in the field of development strategy, Business Development and Public Affairs. She introduced four brands to the B2B services market, as well as multiple new products, such as applications based on client behaviour analysis for fashion brands, and analytical systems supporting decision-making based on Predictive Maintenance. She has managed the product portfolio and Product Development processes in IT companies, simultaneously leading implementation project for clients in a Proof-of-Concept formula. In the last year she took part in the acquisition process of Projekt Solartechnik by the FAMUR Group, where she was responsible for marketing strategy and introducing the company into the business services market. After 15 years in multiple different organisations, she has decided to take advantage of her experience and support young companies in their growth and, together with Adam and Piotr, to co-create Level2 Ventures. Privately, in the summer you can often find Magda by the Puck Bay, where she practices kitesurfing, while in winter she frequently spends her time skiing in Switzerland. Professionally, she’s an expert in communications, who enjoys working with people and always listens to them carefully.

Adam Rudowski General Partner

Founder and General Partner Level2 Ventures

Founder and long time CEO of Veracomp SA, developed the company into Central and Eastern Europe's largest VAD distributor, offering more than 60 ICT solutions in over a dozen vertical markets. Veracomp has been authorized by almost 200 global ICT vendors, and its uniqueness is the wide offer of business and technical consulting, showing how ICT systems can support strategic and operational objectives of most business models present on global markets.
After a series of acquisitions and greenfields, in 2020 Adam made a successful exit to a global player with the same profile - Exclusive Networks. Parallel to his involvement in Veracomp, he invested in ICT companies in other market segments. For over 20 years he has been building his competences related to creating and scaling companies on the basis of both experience and theoretical knowledge gained in the areas of: strategic management, operations management, marketing, systems development, game theory, psychology, and business management.
Privately, he is passionate about travelling the world in expeditionary vehicles. He has crossed with his wife by 4x4 such countries as Siberia, Mongolia, Tibet and most of Africa. One of his hobbies is also piloting aircraft, both en route and for operations in any terrain. He is the father of a daughter and two sons, and has lived in Kraków since birth. You can often meet him in Kraków's Kazimierz area.

Piotr Pawłowski Managing Partner

Experienced manager, business psychologist and coach

Technical education and interest in the field of modern technologies have allowed him to co-create the Polish ICT market in the 90’s. He was one of the initial employees of AB SA. (currently Poland’s largest IT distributor), for which he was creating departments and managed regional sales. At Comarch CDN, he co-created the first Polish SaaS systems and was responsible for regional sales and marketing in the MSP sector. At Energis Polska / GTS Poland he managed national sales. A break from corporate work for a few years has resulted in the creation of the training company NewSkills and the start-up He returned to business as board member and sales director at 3S Group (3S SA., 3S Data Center SA., 3S BOS SA.), which he led from the position of a small regional telco and data center operator to a nationwide leader in the sales of ICT solutions. He was responsible, among other things, for the Group’s acquisitions policy, which resulted in the takeover of Krakow’s Fibertech and the data center part of the IT Works intergrator. He took part in the sales process of G3S shares to the Enterprise Investors fund, with which he cooperated for 4 years towards the organisation’s growth. As CEO he successfully oversaw the sale of 3S Group, with the mobile provider PLAY becoming its new owner. After carrying out the integration process within the Play Group and 10 years of work in the 3S Group, he decided to enter Level2 and, together with Adam, co-create the Venture Capital innovation fund.
Privately, Piotr is passionate about sport, enjoys table tennis, windsurfing and snowboarding. His interests also encompass the widely understood field of audio hi-fi, and he might even be called an audiophile. Professionally, he’s an expert in organisation, motivation, and sale, as in his mind, if even the most wonderful product or service cannot be sold, then it remains only an unfulfilled dream…

Board of Directors

Cezary Seliga

Cezary Seliga
Dennis Sickman

Dennis Sickman

Investment Areas

At Level2 Ventures, we’re on the lookout for innovative and interesting ideas, led by Founders full of passion and commitment, who believe that their solutions will change the world for the better.

We invest in start-ups at the stages of pre-seed, seed and round A working in the following fields:

AI based solutions

Industry 4.0

B2B SaaS / Marketplace

WEB 3.0 & Blockchain


Pet Tech / Med Tech

Business Areas of Level2 Ventures

Investments in start-ups

  • Pre-seed
  • Seed
  • Round A

Creating support environments in the field of

  • Strategy/Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Operability / IT (IM)

Development of Competencies

  • Strategic
  • Operational
  • Managerial

VC Process Structuring

  • Help in subsequent rounds

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