11 maja 2023

BioCam has raised PLN 2M from Level2 Ventures for further development of its AI-powered endoscopic capsule.

The developer of a remote, painless system for diagnosing and monitoring gastrointestinal health using a smart pill, AI-powered medtech BioCam, has secured further funding. The Level2 Ventures fund has invested PLN 2 million and will support the company in the further development of its non-invasive endoscopy technology. The new partner joined the ranks of investment funds (LT Capital) and business angels (Dawid Urban) already present. Pilot testing of the technology on patients is underway - the company plans to test at least 200 patients by the end of next year in medical experiments and clinical trials. In its development plans, BioCam is considering the possibility of using the capsule for temperature measurement, biopsies, precision drug release and use in pets, among other applications.

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