Development 4Startups Program

Fast growth of a company is a difficult and bumpy road, and the life of a manager is a time of constant difficult choices. We know this, because our whole professional path has been about collecting experience which we now want to share with you. We have also invited Competency Partners to work with us, whose unique knowledge, and their method of sharing it are on a truly masterful level. We believe, that building and developing competencies is as important, if not more important, than providing capital. Because while money can be fleeting, knowledge and experience stays with us forever.

Development 4Startups Program


Development of strategic, operational, and managerial competencies as well as support in personal development


Workshops in an open format implemented by Level2 Managing and Competence Partners


Bespoke workshops for Level2 portfolio company managers and teams


Zyta Machnicka
Competence Partner

Employer Branding

Adam Rudowski
Level2 Ventures

VC Way & startup finances

Mirella Piwiszkis
Competence Partner

Data storytelling

Piotr Pawłowski
Level2 Ventures

Sales & Sales Management

Wojciech Herra
Competence Partner

Value Based Selling

Mariusz Kagan
3S Data Center
Competence Partner

Data Center, Cloud & Data Security

Aleksandra Przegalińska
Competence Partner

Artificial Intelligence Expert

Andrzej Zdanowski
Competence Partner

Team Building & Management

Marek Romanowicz

Project Management


Situational leadership

Personal Effectiveness

Product Discovery

Time and tasks management

Team building

Building a marketing strategy

Effective Selling

Presentations and Public Speaking

Customer segmentation vs. communication tools

Negotiation workshops

Coaching and action learning

Content marketing strategy vs. sales funnel


Magdalena Pawłowska
15 lutego 2024

Fundraising in a Challenging Market Environment

In today’s fluctuating economic landscape, securing funding for startups can feel like navigating a ship through stormy seas. A challenging market environment, characterized by economic downturns, investor skepticism, and heightened competition, demands a strategic and resilient approach from founders. However, with the right tactics and mindset, it is possible to emerge successful. Let’s delve into effective strategies for fundraising in difficult market conditions.

Magdalena Pawłowska
21 marca 2023

Why building resilience is critical for startups in a downturn?

3 strategies to implement

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