Gabriel Dymowski

DoxyChain is the first comprehensive DMS (document management) system in Europe based on blockchain. Thanks to the levels of technology and decentralization, it offers unprecedented security, transparency and credibility for document operations. The solution is compliant with GDPR, has legally binding eIDAS signatures and user authentication to prevent fraud.

Adam Komarnicki

Indoorway has developed an innovative RTLS (Real-time Location System) solution based on Ultra WideBand (UWB) technology, enabling manufacturing and logistics companies to gradually improve their productivity. It is possible thanks to precise (up to 30 cm) location measurements and extensive analytics of the movement of objects inside production and warehouse halls. System continuously locates: AGV autonomous robots, forklifts, semi-finished or finished products, as well as employees. Recommendation algorithms based on AI allow you to easily identify areas that can be optimized.

Lech Kaniuk

SunRoof is the first supplier of integrated roofs on the market, which simultaneously fulfill role of a traditional roof as well as efficient and ecological solar panels. The hybrid solution significantly reduces the overall installation costs, increases the safety of use, and offers above-standard aesthetics. SunRoof is dynamically developing on the markets at several continents. Company plans to create a complete energy ecosystem for its users.

Piotr Winiewski is Europe's first Robot Platform, bringing together a community of robot producers, production line integrators, investors (production line owners) and advisers in one place. Marketplace offers a functional 3D application, in SaaS model, which enables for designing initial production line. Thanks to well-prepared processes on the platform, users benefit from the network effect and receive values that are unique on the market.

Talent Alpha
Przemyslaw Berendt

Talent Alpha is a complete Talent Intelligence & Marketplace platform that allows for effective management of IT talents in the organization. This technology is changing the way companies around the world analyze and acquire technology experts. The Talent Intelligence solution captures, analyzes and maps over 3,500 hard competences, along with social, cognitive skills and personality traits, to create a digital representation of technical and soft competences available in the organization. That works perfectly due to Talent Genome ™ - unique technology developed by the company.

Marek Szmigiel

RevDeBug has developed a breakthrough product for the software development market, delivering patented technology, which allows for recording - in real time - software code execution. This unique on a global scale solution works like “back in time” until a bug occurs in order to fix it quickly. Currently, programmers spend 25-30 percent of their time looking for software bugs, using RevDeBug almost all this time, can be spent on creating new batches of code.

Arnold Wierzejski

CTHINGS.CO digitizes and integrates production, logistics, analytical, and business processes. The company is a producer of 5G devices, firmware, and cloud applications. It provides customers with integrated, safe, and compatible data transmission systems at every level, optimizing work, increasing security, and allowing complete control over processes. The company works with global mobile network operators and 5G infrastructure providers. It offers unrivaled end-to-end solutions for production, logistics, and warehousing, as well as intelligent city management.

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