Gabriel Dymowski

DoxyChain is the first comprehensive DMS (document management) system in Europe based on blockchain. Thanks to the levels of technology and decentralization, it offers unprecedented security, transparency and credibility for document operations. The solution is compliant with GDPR, has legally binding eIDAS signatures and user authentication to prevent fraud.

Lech Kaniuk

SunRoof is the first supplier of integrated roofs on the market, which simultaneously fulfill role of a traditional roof as well as efficient and ecological solar panels. The hybrid solution significantly reduces the overall installation costs, increases the safety of use, and offers above-standard aesthetics. SunRoof is dynamically developing on the markets at several continents. Company plans to create a complete energy ecosystem for its users.

Maciej Wysocki

Biocam is a medtech startup that provides a new capsule endoscopy system for the painless examination of the full digestive system entirely remotely. The endoscopy capsule allows finding lesions and pathologies in real time thanks to a neural network that has learned how to search for them on captured images. Biocam reduces the cost of gastrointestinal examinations, increases patient comfort, and popularizes capsule endoscopy.

Łukasz Kędziora

RevDeBug has developed a breakthrough product for the software development market, delivering patented technology, which allows for recording - in real time - software code execution. This unique on a global scale solution works like “back in time” until a bug occurs in order to fix it quickly. Currently, programmers spend 25-30 percent of their time looking for software bugs, using RevDeBug almost all this time, can be spent on creating new batches of code.

Arnold Wierzejski

CTHINGS.CO digitizes and integrates production, logistics, analytical, and business processes. The company is a producer of 5G devices, firmware, and cloud applications. It provides customers with integrated, safe, and compatible data transmission systems at every level, optimizing work, increasing security, and allowing complete control over processes. The company works with global mobile network operators and 5G infrastructure providers. It offers unrivaled end-to-end solutions for production, logistics, and warehousing, as well as intelligent city management.

Jacek Maciak

Salesbook is a SaaS-based sales acceleration platform that supports and automates the work of sales representatives, increasing their effectiveness by over 50%. Apart from elements structuring the sales process like company presentation, needs analysis, offer calculator, and possibility of signing the contract (also online), it includes CRM functionality and extensive reporting allowing real-time analysis of sales force performance. Salesbook can run as a standalone system or in an integration model with any CRM/ERP software. The solution works well in the traditional and the online sales model. The application offers dedicated solutions for photovoltaics, energy, insurance, telecommunications, and automotive industries.

Dorota Rymaszewska

All-in-one marketplace for pets. HiPets is a pet marketplace that allows pet parents to find everything they need in one place and helps pet businesses get more clients and use their resources efficiently.

Talent Alpha
Agnieszka Porębska

Talent Alpha is the complete Talent Intelligence & Marketplace Platform for organizations that know that effective digital talent management is mission-critical. Its technology is transforming the way organizations around the world analyze, manage, and source Tech Talent. Talent Alpha Talent Intelligence solution captures, analyses and maps 3,500+ digital skills, together with social skills, cognitive abilities and personality traits, to create a digital representation of the technical and soft skills available to the organization – we call it the Talent Genome™. It gives unprecedented visibility into capabilities within organization, enables optimizations and lets you make data-driven decisions regarding talent.

Agnieszka Maciejowska

Plan Be Eco is a tool for companies that supports the process of achieving climate neutrality and carbon footprint reporting in a low-cost, non-expert, time-efficient, and automated way. Plan Be Eco calculates GHG emissions across the supply chain by the GHG Protocol.

Franciszek i Grzegorz Kosch

WIMBA is a startup operating in the VetTech sector. Wimba creates innovative prostheses and orthoses for dogs (personalized orthopedic supplies) through 3D printing technology, using advanced data acquisition and automation algorithms.

Piotr Wiśniewski is Europe's first Robot Platform, bringing together a community of robot producers, production line integrators, investors (production line owners) and advisers in one place. Marketplace offers a functional 3D application, in SaaS model, which enables for designing initial production line. Thanks to well-prepared processes on the platform, users benefit from the network effect and receive values that are unique on the market.
Tino Millar

Move AI enables anyone to bring human motion to the digital world at scale. Using Move AI’s motion capture products, anyone can capture high-quality motion data, previously only available to major studios. Move AI’s patented software extracts natural human motion from video using advanced AI, computer vision, biomechanics and physics, automatically retargeting the data to your character rig. Capture footage in any environment, using standard cameras and even phones, with no suits, markers or additional hardware needed. Move AI captures motion data from anyone, anywhere.

Sea Machines
Michael Johnson

Headquartered in the global tech hub of Boston and operating globally, Sea Machines is the leader in pioneering autonomous command and control systems for the marine and maritime industries. Founded in 2015, the company builds autonomous vessel software and systems, which increases the safety, efficiency and performance of ships, workboats and other commercial vessels.

Dominik Laskowski

AutoMEE is an advanced automation and artificial intelligence services company dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises. Our goal is to provide innovative SaaS solutions that enable efficient management of customer service, business processes and data. Thanks to our services, SMEs can benefit from technologies that were previously available mainly to large corporations, gaining a competitive advantage and ensuring data security in accordance with current regulations.

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