New investment by Level2 Ventures: Welcome autoMEE to our portfolio!

We have invested in autoMEE, a groundbreaking platform for optimizing and automating internal business processes using advanced AI technologies.

The autoMEE platform provides small and medium-sized companies with solutions that were previously reserved only for large market players. As a result, SME companies can use the latest AI technologies to automate processes such as customer service, sales, HR, and administration, which not only provide efficiency gains but also reduce operating costs.

- As a venture capital fund that actively supports the development of innovative startups, we see autoMEE not only as a promising investment but as a Partner that changes the market rules of the game, opening the door to the world of modern technology for SMEs. Thanks to autoMEE, any company, regardless of its size, will be able to take advantage of the most effective AI solutions to optimize its business. - emphasizes Piotr Pawlowski, Managing Partner of Level2 Ventures.

- I am very excited about our partnership with Level2 Ventures, which opens up new opportunities for us to accelerate our growth and expand into key markets such as the UK and the US. This synergy allows us to offer innovative solutions that help companies reach new levels of efficiency and innovation. We are more than just an initiative; we are a change that enables companies to cross traditional barriers, paving the way to achieve exceptional results and gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Together with Level2 Ventures, we are creating a future where every company has the opportunity to become a leader in its industry, taking advantage of unlimited growth opportunities. - says Dominik Laskowski, CEO and Co-Founder of autoMEE.

AutoMEE holds the key to the democratization of technology, eliminating barriers to entry and providing small and medium-sized enterprises with innovative tools that change the way they do business. By leveraging advanced AI technologies, the platform not only enables the automation of routine tasks but also their optimization, resulting in incomparable efficiency gains, allowing companies to focus on key areas and achieve strategic goals.

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