Level2 Ventures invested in Salesbook – an innovative sales acceleration platform in SaaS model

Salesbook, is an innovative platform improving efficiency and managing the sales process. The capital raised with late seed round will help accelerate Salesbook's scaling in foreign markets, expand its portfolio of industry solutions, and increase the startup's evaluation before round A.

Salesbook is a SaaS-based sales acceleration platform that supports and automates the work of sales representatives, increasing their effectiveness by over 50%. Apart from elements structuring the sales process like company presentation, needs analysis, offer calculator, and possibility of signing the contract (also online), it includes CRM functionality and extensive reporting allowing real-time analysis of sales force performance. Salesbook can run as a standalone system or in an integration model with any CRM/ERP software. The solution works well in the traditional and the online sales model. The application offers dedicated solutions for photovoltaics, energy, insurance, telecommunications, and automotive industries.

- We decided to invest in Salesbook because it is the first tool we know of that introduces automation and analytics to classic sales, so far associated with the e-commerce market. It allows you to build an effective sales process, monitor, and improve it over time, additionally providing salespeople and managers with a user-friendly CRM system for sales management and analysis. Salesbook's potential has also been recognized by the market, resulting in a doubling of sales in 2021 and an increasing rate of new customer acquisition. Currently, the application is used by over 50,000 salespeople and managers from all over the world, including companies such as Energa, Orange, Edison, OVB, and Mercedes-Benz - says Piotr Pawłowski, General Partner Level2 Ventures.

- The capital raised in the round will be used to implement the expansion strategy and further product development. We are already present in Poland, Germany, and Singapore. In 2022, we will focus on launching Salesbook in the U. S. and U. K. markets, which we see as priorities in building the company's value at this stage. At the same time, we plan to develop dedicated solutions for ICT, healthcare, HR, and manufacturing industries says Jacek Maciak, Salesbook CEO.

- One of Salesbook's key differentiators is its ability to provide analytics on the sales meeting. In this way, the organization knows which process elements translate into desired results. We also want to invest in this area and - using artificial intelligence mechanisms - suggest the optimal sales formula to our customers – says Dariusz Nawojczyk, Salesbook CMO.

The Sales Acceleration tools market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 16% year-on-year from 2021 to 2026. Currently, the global market for these solutions is estimated to be worth $30 billion.

- Continuous improvement of the sales process, intelligent analytics, and increased competency of salespeople are essential elements of building market advantage in any business. In times of high employees rotation in sales teams, Salesbook helps achieve and maintain high sales effectiveness by offering assistance in implementing new salespeople and optimizing the performance of experienced ones - concludes Piotr Pawłowski.

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