SunRoof the winner of Positive Impact Start-ups 2021

SunRoof, an innovative start-up creating the most effective 2-in-1 solar roofs and a platform for energy management has been distinguished by the Kozminski Business Hub report “Positive Impact Start-ups. Radical social innovation.” The companies activity has been recognised in the “Positive technologies” category.

The Positive Impact Start-ups report is a summary of start-ups that distinguish themselves through a systematic approach to balanced development, a climate-friendly product offer and appropriate policy in various areas of management, such as diversity or supply chain responsibility. SunRoof was recognised for its ground-breaking technology for the most efficient and ecological solar roof panels, as well as bravely introducing its world vision of balanced energy to other countries.

As highlighted by the authors of the report, SunRoof is a very advanced start-up, which is carrying forward Swedish ideas for the most effective solar roof panels with the smallest possible CO2 footprint to Poland and the rest of the world, which is a clear sign of caring for the natural environment and taking responsibility for the fate of future generations. The aim of the start-up is replacing every roof with solar roof panels, which will generate enough electricity to cover the growing needs of the world’s population for energy, as well as ensure an ecological future.  

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